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Working with Awareness Intelligence


For nearly 40 years and 30,000 clients, the key to triggering the Wellness Response and returning to health quickly starts with Awareness. Many of the conditions are in many ways self-inflicted by a lack of knowledge or understanding.


Now that I am into my 60’s (wow, cool!), it’s my intent to openly teach the methods and techniques that miraculously made its way down to me by a thread from master practitioners and historians.


By understanding the mind and body’s Functional Intelligence to self-correct, along with a little anatomy it’s possible to work on any part of the body with our minds and hands.


We would like to give you a few tips that trigger these hidden human capabilities by harmonizing Mind Body and Behavior. By opening these channels of communication throughout the body, our innate intelligence restores and harmonizes bodily functions.


First Tip, Mind Awareness:
Imagination is the least used modality in healthcare. To Einstein and Disney, it is more important than knowledge. Imagination is different than visualization, a blind person at birth cannot visualize, although they could imagine. The body will have a physical reaction from what is real, imaginary, symbolic or even virtual. Practice Seeing the Image of how you would like to be, do or have, then mix the feeling as if its already done and impossible to fail.


You could listen to a guided imagery on the Podcast:

Magik Vibes, Meet My Personal Mr Miyagi.

We have seen numerous conditions clear up not posted on Testimonials.


Second Tip Body Awareness:
Your pelvis is key to balancing the rest of your body and keeping the central nervous system calm. Bring awareness to your belt line. Is your belt tilted forward or back, leaning to the right or left side? Leaning one way or another can cause the nervous system to constantly compensate for this shift. Make small corrections to harmonize the pelvis or belt position to become level to the floor. Little tilt forward OK. Also focus 2 inches below your belly button while making the 

corrections in Posture and Gait. Sitting should be equal weight to both Sit Bones. We have seen chronic Knee, Back and Neck-Shoulder resolve.


Third Tip Behavior Awareness:
Emotional logic is a highly-developed function of the Prefrontal Cortex. From applied medical traditions, Martial Artists, Yogi’s and Monks were trained to decondition negative trigger so the body does not 1) Lose Energy 2) Become Angry 3) Become Sad We challenge you to learn and practice these tools!

First Decondition the Negative Trigger (Event or Person)

  •  Breathe as if you just broke the surface of the water and now able to take in the first breath. Feel the joy to breathe. 5 second breath in, 5-7 Second breath out while slowing down heart rate.

  •  Feel like the Front part of the brain is like a falcon or salmon just released into the wild. This brings blood flow and neuro activity to the Prefrontal Cortex (Coupling). The mind can now seek and learn infinite possibilities to solve it. We have seen digestive to autoimmune clear with this simple technique.

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