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Kelsey Patel 

 LA-based certified reiki master, motivational speaker, and meditation teacher specializing in the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

His knowledge base is so wide-ranging and so comprehensive and integrated that I learned things that I had never really considered as part of the cause of any kind of disease process.

Roy Vongtoma MD,

 Author of Healing Before You're Cured

His Knowledge of integrative therapy and skill level is of the very best. He costs a little more but accomplishes in 1 to 3 visits what it might take another practitioner 6 month to a year. Miracles are priceless and this is what he creates. On a 1-5 star rating I give Cliff a 10!

E. Powers

LCSW, Psych-K Instructor

 As soon as I was diagnosed with cancer, I consulted Cliff and considered him a major part of my healing team. His integrative approach kept my body moving and my mind in a positive space during my traditional treatments. He is now the most important part of my after-treatment healing. 

MJ Reuter


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