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C.K. Matsuno 


Welcome to our Office

 Hi, I'm Clifton Matsuno or simply known as “Cliff” around the office.  I have been practicing an integrative approach (Utilizing best of holistic and conventional healthcare) for almost 40 years. My  journey began in the San Francisco Bay Area after graduating PT school at Long Beach State. The real education  began there by assisting wise, skilled practitioners who had deep roots in Osteopathic, Chirotherapy, Oriental Medicine and Somatic & Imagery Therapies. My appreciation of this old craftsman approach to learning and applying medical traditions was essential to how I practice today. After 35 years I returned back to my native home of LA.















I’ve always had a fascination with the precision of Fine Watchmakers. They use the term Complex as multiple parts that make up the whole. A Complication is simply referring to a movement of the watch. Thus, my company PhysioComplex approaches the body and its movements as one. We look at balancing Mind, Body & Behavior. As this occurs functional intelligence and self-restoration begins.

Our method is simple and so uncomplicated that some think it couldn't possibly work. Along with my specialty in Manual and Somatic PT, the only tools required by our clients is imagination and willingness to change old patterns.

Many of our clients are considered puzzles, the chronic or even surgical candidates . They have tried the alternative and conventional approach with little to no results. We pride ourselves to get to the root of the problem in 1-3 sessions. The goal is always in 1.












Sedona Threrapeutics ( My past company ) was chosen to develop the largest on-site therapy clinic in the country for United Airlines Maintenance Base, SFO (150,000 employees worldwide) - which experienced savings and patient satisfaction scores way beyond anyone's expectations.


We blend our skills as a physiotherapist, a scientist and a humanist. In sum a Naturalist. (Studying the details of cause and effect in living structures) Nature never attempts to deceive us, it moves by matter of fact splendor.

This simple method allows me the pleasure to practice with my current clients in Beverly Hills that range from complex neurological, orthopedic and systemic conditions.

My Services



Rapid Restoration=Happy Clients 

His knowledge base is so wide-ranging and so comprehensive and integrated that I learned things that I had never really considered as part of the cause of any kind of disease process.

Roy Vongtoma MD,

 Author of Healing Before You're Cured

His Knowledge of integrative therapy and skill level is of the very best. He costs a little more but accomplishes in 1 to 3 visits what it might take another practitioner 6 month to a year. Miracles are priceless and this is what he creates. On a 1-5 star rating I give Cliff a 10!

E. Powers

LCSW, Psych-K Instructor

 As soon as I was diagnosed with cancer, I consulted Cliff and considered him a major part of my healing team. His integrative approach kept my body moving and my mind in a positive space during my traditional treatments. He is now the most important part of my after-treatment healing. 

MJ Reuter

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