Frequently Asked Questions


1. How can I make appointment?
 Please go to and review. If this resonates, download our intake forms and send back through our encrypted email system. Give us an idea what are the best days and times. We may schedule a brief chat to get a better idea of how we may assist you. Also email us at 


2. What should I expect on the first visit?

 Our focus is on rapid restoration. On your first visit (90-120 min.) we will give an in-depth assessment along with giving a treatment to bring your system to coherence. Please bring or send all pertinent information blood work, film study etc. to or before your visit. We do full assessment and treatment in one day.


  We look at all aspects that may be contributing to your issue:
  a. Structurally: we will evaluate and assess discomfort and dysfunction from cranium to                    spine, joints, fascia, muscles including viscera and digestion. Also check for periodontal                  issues  that may have a somatic effect.
  b.    Mind/body: Assess somatic triggers that may elicit stress and or impair autonomic                  functions such as heart rate, digestion, respiration etc.
  c.  Lifestyle and behavior: review exercise, exposure to sun, eating behavior, sleep and                    recovery, meds, supplements etc.


3. This is not your typical PT clinic.
  We understand this approach is not for everyone. Participating in the wellness process and a willingness to change old patterns of thought and motion is required. Typically, more than just physical exercises are given.


4. Why is your company described as physiotherapy complex?
  The word complex is used by Fine Watchmakers, simply meaning multiple parts to the whole. We look at some conditions requiring several aspects to remedy. We devote ourselves to science, precision and craftsmanship.


5. How is this different than other physical therapy or chiropractic treatments?
 Some procedures may look familiar, although our focus is on transformation from the inside out. Like taking care of the roots of a plant to assist the flower, our efforts look to the root cause as well as the symptoms.


6. Who could benefit from these types of treatments?
  We see individuals who have been to both conventional and alternative methods with little to no results. (Orthopedic, neurological, autoimmune and stress related disorders). We also see those looking to avoid orthopedic surgery.


7. As a patient or fellow practitioner how can I learn more?
  Please go to for information. We are planning classes for 2020 for the public and healthcare associates. Updates to follow.

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