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Welcome, I am Clifton Matsuno, or simply “Cliff” around the office. I have been practicing as an Integrative Manual Therapist and Somatic PT for the past 40 years.


You will find our assessment and therapy sessions quite different than most. We developed an approach called Somatic Arts & Science (SAS). SAS focuses on Body to Mind Integration as each are inherently related. Our approach views the Body’s dysfunction or pain patterns as a reflection of specific mental or behavioral imbalances along with physical pathology.


The Somatic Body is tangible, a reflection of physical reality. By understanding the meaning of physical symptoms, we are provided with concrete feedback about our state of wellbeing on both a physical and emotional level.


We integrate the best of contemporary care and holistic therapies to discover and treat the root cause. By neutralizing the physical symptoms, teaching self-awareness and a willingness to participate in balancing 3 Key Elements we begin to assume control of how our bodies respond and evolve. We teach our clients to calm the mind and listen from within for an answer away from thinking, “Body Thought”.


3 Key Elements

  • Somatic Body

  • Behavior

  • Perception


Once balanced I have seen many times what we call “The Wellness Trigger”. Rapid restoration activates immediately, in some cases in a single visit. Clients may come in for a specific physical symptom and later tell me that their physician is puzzled as their other physical issue has now normalized. After 30,000 clients; I still get enthused to the infinite capacity of the power of the body, mind, and innate intelligence.


This simple method allows me the pleasure to practice and teach with my current clients and students (now online) in Beverly Hills that range from complex neuro, orthopedic, and systemic conditions. Also those requiring radical physical performance and focus for sport, stage or screen.


“The Wellness Trigger” has proven to be successful within corporate health programs as well. Sedona Therapeutics, (my past company) developed the largest on-site therapy center in the country for United Airlines, SFO’s 150,000 employees worldwide. United Airlines experienced cost savings and patient satisfaction scores way beyond any expectation.

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