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Over the past decade, the “wellness” world has exploded and people are beginning to open their minds to a different perception of true health. While this may be an up and coming trend to most, words like “holistic healing” and “alternative therapy” have been an integral part of my entire life. I have treated a wide spectrum of conditions (Back pain to Autoimmune) as an integrative manual therapist for the past 40 years and 30,000 clients. As I head into the autumn of my career, it’s time for me to share my knowledge and experience through online teaching, and throw my hat into this muddled world of modern holistic healthcare. While there is plenty of talk about holistic living these days, much of it is what we call the “PF Chang’s version of real Chinese food” or the “Chipotle version of Mexican food”. There are good intentions behind it, but many of these teachings fall short because they lack the understanding of where these principles and practices came from. Warning, my way of teaching will have chicken feet and menudo on the menu.

My Journey

My interest in health and healing began during my days as a high school gymnast, when physical therapy was required for a shoulder injury. In college, I pursued a career in this field. During my time going through physical therapy school and hospital internships, I knew this traditional approach wasn’t for me. Being raised in a Japanese American household, I witnessed remarkable results from holistic healers, like acupuncturists who would come over the house to treat my sister and grandmother when it was actually illegal to do so. As I shifted my career path, I was taught natural fundamentals through flower arranging and martial arts along with being mentored by traditional practitioners of Osteopathy, Chirotherapy, and Oriental Medicine.

No, you will never hear me use the term, “biohack”, because you cannot hack nature. You also won’t hear me use “quantum”, since light is not the fastest element, thought is, nor will you hear “superhuman”, because the ceiling of our human capability is infinite.

Bridging The Gap

Throughout my 40 years, I never fully fit into a singular holistic or contemporary approach. In order to help my clients in the best way possible, I have found ways to partner both methods. I have been fortunate enough to have associates that are MD’s, holistic physicians, bodyworkers and dentists. These relationships have allowed me to draw from their methods and experiences and utilize them together. The practitioners who taught me had the highest level of character and integrity rather than the current marketing and hype around health and wellness. As our society moves towards the direction of alternative healthcare, it is important for me to share my experience of years of utilizing ancient and science-based healing practices.

Form Follows Function

Of everything I emphasize with my clients, it comes down to this one line: “Form follows function”. The power of Subtle energy transforms us humans to become a stronger variation of ourselves called “Adaptation” When clients come in with chronic pain or an illness, it is essential for them to believe they can get better. If we can transform our perception, behavior and movement pattern, our physical body and chemistry will follow. As I pivot into a space of sharing my knowledge and experience with others in the online world, my desire is to show the beauty, science, and lineage of alternative medicine. I want to show how impactful each of these aspects can actually be, because what can be done with just your hands and mind is tremendous.

Follow along as I begin a new path into teaching all of the practices, I have implemented with my clients for decades.

-Clifton Matsuno

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