Protecting Yourself Prior to and During Chaotic Times

Updated: Jun 10

At age 7, I remember the troops, tanks, and snipers on the roof in my neighborhood. South Central LA during the 1965 Watts riots. The neighborhood became a blaze off Jefferson, and I saw the terror in my mother’s eyes that night. Since then, there has always been a must to be prepared to protect my family and loved ones in chaotic events.

The recent protests around the country has become violent, with domestic terrorists and looters taking advantage of the situation on a national basis.

We would like to offer some suggestions that can be applied to various types of emergencies

  1. Create pre-determined plan with your family and friends of items below.

  2. Make sure your vehicle has a full tank of gas or has a full electrical charge.

  3. Have a pre-determined meeting place to go to if having to leave your home/office immediately.

a. Have a Thomas Guide or print a map in case the grid goes down.

b. Know how to get there without the use of freeways.

4. Have a travel bag ready to go if you must leave immediately.

a. Take medications with you- prescription and non-prescription.

b. Bring enough water to sustain a long period of time. 3 gallons per individual per day (24 hours minimum) is recommended.

c. Keep important documents close and transfer computer work onto external drives.

d. Always have cash (small bills preferable) and credit cards on hand.

e. Pack food that does not need refrigeration.

5. Write a list of 10 contact phone numbers. (I don’t even recognize my sisters)

6. Have a contact person out of state to call, if the grid in your area becomes overloaded. This person can relay the message to loved ones locally.

7. If a car is left alone, do not to have any items left in plain sight.

8. If you are concerned about your car’s tires and rims, have locking lugs put on.

If you find yourself in the middle of a chaotic situation:


Before you go outside, check to see where demonstrations are taking place, and avoid the area. Take or print a map if the area is unfamiliar. Do not flash valuables.


If you find yourself approaching a crowd of protesters, reverse or turn around calmly. If you can, turn onto the nearest side street and drive away.

Stuck in the Car:

If you are unable to drive away, park the car, lock it up, and leave it. Take shelter in a side street or in a building. If there is no time, calmly put the car into park. Lock the doors and remain calm. Do not show anger or honk the horn.


If your personal or business property is vulnerable, having adequate insurance is important. Speak to your insurance carriers to ensure your policy, (auto, home, and commercial) can cover potential losses.

This type of preparation can be useful in other emergency situations and relieves stress of last minute to do’s. It’s important to stay aware and keep these tips in mind. Please pass this to others, this may not be the last rodeo, this is my 3rd. Hopefully we can all learn from the past.

Checklist of Emergency Items

Checklist of important papers:

  • Passports and driver’s licenses

  • Medical history including any drug allergies

  • A written summary of any medical conditions you have

  • Deed to your home

  • Social security cards

  • Health, car and homeowner’s insurance documents

  • Portable Drive with Important Information

Common emergency grab and go items:

  • Invest in a First Aid Kit

  • Face masks

  • Water 3 Gallon person per day (Min 24 hours)

  • Credit cards and cash

  • Essential prescription and non-prescription medications

  • Hygiene products like toothpaste, mouthwash, feminine products, etc.

  • Infant formula, diapers, wipes, and bottles

  • A change of clothing and comfortable shoes

  • Paper products like plates, napkins, and utensils

  • Sleeping bags and blankets

  • Wind-up AM/FM radio

  • Flashlight

  • Keys to your home, car, offsite storage, etc.

  • Your pets along with a travel tote if necessary

  • A small assortment of sentimental items that are irreplaceable, like your wedding rings or old family photos only if there is time and space.

Download a police scanner application or simply follow them on their social media sites. Check your county’s and city’s website to sign up for “notify” or “alert me”

Make sure you have necessities for your pets.

  • Leashes

  • Food & water for three days

  • Medications

  • ID collars

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