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Balancing the Human Equation!

Everything we experience through the physical world, is perceived through frequency and vibrational energy.  Colors, Sound, and even Thoughts and Emotions generate both good and bad “vibes”.

Nikola Tesla said “If you want to find the secrets of the Universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. The ultimate purpose is the complete mastery of mind over the material world”.

For the past 40 years my patients and clients have learned Imagery-Prompts to generate desired frequencies from the Mindbody, at will, by balancing this human equation.

Perception + Behavior = Body (Symptoms)

There is beauty to this simple equation. When Perception changes > Behavior changes and when Behavior Changes > Perception changes. Both are bidirectional, positively or negatively influencing each other.

Imagery prompts are amazingly simple to learn. In one session, you can restore your energy and focus and mental and physical tone. Once Imagery Prompts are recognized by the Mindbody and applied, they become powerful tools that neutralize feelings of fear or uncertainty when navigating the real world and promote and enhance performance and well being.

First, let’s go over the what imagery-prompts are and the science of how it works .

Imagery-Prompts are the integration of the somatic therapies I described in the previous blog (visual imagery, mental state, prompts, posture and movement).

“Form Follows Function”. This is the simple law of nature that declares entities (humans too!) will change its form and chemistry, through adaptation, to support its function.

This principle of adaptation is the goal of my client treatment plan. Manual Therapy along with Imagery-Prompts have provided a remarkable toolkit to treat a range of complex health conditions (autoimmune disease, chronic pain, pre-surgical back pain). Athletes, singers and actors are benefited by this therapeutic approach to improve focus and performance. My practice has attracted and successfully treated patients who have not responded to traditional holistic and western approaches to health care.

Imagery Prompts aim at assisting clients out of an old pattern of looping in a dis-eased state, to a new state of ease and coherence.  Our processes called linking (stimulate nerve activity and blood flow) that moves processing from the reptilian brain or hind brain to the prefrontal cortex, where infinite restorative possibilities arise.

We look at closing an open mental file that affects the physical body in terms of muscle tone, biochemistry or performance. In totality the Body’s Symptoms are the sum of the equation.

See what a difference a session can make!


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