Finding Balance in Uncertain Times

Updated: May 7

During these times, our daily lives may feel like walking on slippery river rocks. Nothing seems secure or familiar. How can we find our balance?

While our bodies are healthy our minds may be in a state of dis-ease.

It’s okay to feel anxious, uncertain, or afraid. There will be days when we are reassuring others and days when it is best to ask for help. Now is the time to move a little slower. “I don’t know” is a perfect answer as we attempt to gain footing.

Take baby steps and allow yourself to gain a sense of balance before taking the next step.

Here is an effective method we teach to our clients to gain balance through Conscious Body and Imagery Prompts.

Mindbody State - when you require a little balance:

When we are in our best Mindbody State everything feels in balance, our Posture, Physiology, Thinking, and our inner and outer Beauty, are aligned.  Imagine a time when you felt in the flow, vibrant, energized and self-confidant. Compare that to when you felt brain fog, insecurity or distraction. There is an imbalance resonating in your Mindbody State.

Science of Imagery-Prompts:

Mastering our Mindbody State is aimed at creating a new dialogue in mind and body. Imagery-Prompts, through imagination and suggestion, can assist in choosing our best state in thoughts and actions right now. Physical motion, using memory in the body, can send signals to the mind to balance emotions.

Here is a short video demonstration on applying Imagery-Prompts to get you there:

Personalized Telesessions for Conscious Body and Imagery-Prompts are offered to achieve balance by neutralizing discomfort, stress and compulsions and to enhance focus and performance.

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