"I'm always surprised with Cliff's ability to find and help me handle exactly what the problem is!"

 -- Bob Salerno

Hall Of Fame Snow Skier

"His knowledge base is so wide-ranging and so comprehensive and integrated that
 I learned things that I had never really considered as part of the cause of any 
kind of disease process."

Roy Vongtoma MD,

 Author of Healing Before You're Cured

"His Knowledge of integrative therapy and skill level is of the very best. 
He costs a little more but accomplishes in 1 to 3 visits what it might
 take another practitioner 6 month to a year. Miracles are priceless and this
 is what he creates. 
On a 1-5 star rating I give Cliff a 10!"

E. Powers

LCSW, Psych-K Instructor

 "As soon as I was diagnosed with cancer, I consulted Cliff and considered
 him a major part of my healing team. His integrative approach kept my body
 moving and my mind in a positive space during my traditional treatments.
 He is now the most important part of my after-treatment healing."

MJ Reuter

Visceral Conditions

“I initially came to Cliff for shoulder pain during my pregnancy. After my baby was born, she developed acid reflux. 
My sister who is a Physician recommended that I take my baby to Cliff. After the first appointment my baby wasn't fussy from her acid reflux and knocked out the entire afternoon. As a result, her reflux improved, and her back muscles were relaxed. 

M Arroyo, Pharm.D

Skin Disorders

“I had a severe rash and had seen many Dermatologists, but to no avail. "Cliff dedicated uninterrupted time and       attention to both understand my situation. Gratefully, after just one visit, I felt much better, and after 3 days, my rash   disappeared completely. Cliff's approach helped me where traditional medicine had not.”

K. M.  Marina del Rey, CA

Skin Disorders

“I was experiencing rashes and hives for a period of one month and was on all sorts of antihistamine and even steroids.  Cliff suspected it had something to do with my adjustment to LA since I relocated from the east coast.   After 2-3 sessions, I did not have to take any medication and completely healed.” 

Carina S. Brentwood CA

Orthopedic Conditions


"Within three sessions with Cliff the chronic pain in my hip has fully vanished. We discovered and addressed the root causes, and I am joyful to be walking and dancing pain-free once again." 

Aimee L.  Author/Dancer, Palos Verdes CA.


"Came to Cliff in crisis mode.  Had a pinched nerve in my neck which was having a dramatic impact on my life.  I was in pain, couldn't sleep and I didn't know how much longer I could endure. My established team of a Chiropractor, Masseuse and Orthopedist who had served me well in the past, but I wasn't responding. Cliff got my body back to feeling better and had me see that while I had a pinched nerve I had more pressing long-term issues and the pain was a necessary warning which I have heeded.  Changed my diet; my perspective and I am much more optimistic about my long-term health.” 

J. White, Hollywood CA

Potential Lumbar

"I’ve suffered from a horrible backpain for few years and my doctors were recommending a surgery for herniated discs.  I went to many different alternative healing modalities with some success. After a few treatments with Cliff, I started to gain more control over my back pain and understood the underlying cause.  I am almost back to the physical activity level when I was healthy.  I always hesitate to refer to Cliff as Physical Therapist, because he is so much more. He also collaborates with various doctors and dentists to find the best treatments possible."

Y. M., Engineer, Los Angeles

Auto Accident

"After being severely rear-ended in a car accident I lost my energy and activeness (with in a 4 month span). Often I would feel sick and just not have the energy to push myself. I would often feel dizzy and just not myself. During my first session with Cliff, he corrected my back and neck. He also consulted with an Integrative MD and a Holistic Dentist since my 2 teeth were knocked out. He used different techniques to realign my body and get my system to flush out toxins that were stuck in me from my accident. I could immediately breathe better after the treatment. I had 3 sessions total and it has helped me get my body back."

Meghan O. Palos Verdes

Auto Accident

"I was in a severe car accident a week before I was to run my first marathon.  I went to Cliff after the accident for treatment.  I saw him for 2 sessions and was able to run my marathon the next week.  I did finish my marathon.  Awesome."

P. L, Occupational Therapist


"My teenage son suffered from anxiety and depression but refused to see any psychologists. A friend (Pediatrician) referred us to Cliff just to help him relax and improve sleep. During the treatment, Cliff assessed the situation while constantly engaging with my son. I’m most thankful for his ability to connect with my son and speak the right words. Shortly after, there was a turning point in my son’s situation. Although I don’t fully understand, I thank God for the change, I believe Cliff has helped us along the (ongoing) journey of healing." 

Appreciative Mom from Los Angeles

Physical Trauma

Complex Assessments


"I had been suffering from an autoimmune type of arthritis for the last 16 years, and had been to many Doctors and Physical Therapists. I was unable to work as a Physician and was in a wheelchair and utilizing crutches when I first saw Clifton. He started using different techniques I was not familiar with to release muscle tension. Following the treatment, Cliff suggested that I see a Dentist for a possible Root Canal Infection. I convinced my Dentist, who took a Panoramic X-ray that was negative. A CT scan was suggested which showed an infection and cyst. The tooth was removed, and a bone graft followed. I'm extremely happy with the results and back to work without any assistive devices or swelling. I’m grateful for his expertise and his compassionate care."

A. K.  MD, Pediatrician


"After years with problems with osteoporosis and arthritis, a few months ago I had the chance to meet Cliff, who really made a change in my life, giving me the possibility to do again things that since 10 years I could not  afford. Before meeting him I went to hospitals, I saw plenty of doctors without any results and I continued worsening. Now I am feeling very well, stronger and self-confident."

F. Desideri Rome Italy

Unique Conditions

"After the first session, changes were apparent Physically and Emotionally. Ed has been extremely ill since 2008 with Churg Strauss (Rare condition that affects 1 in 10 million) and has the utmost confidence because of the benefits he has experienced. His gait and balance are better, and he is emotionally happier. I have become Physically Stronger, Healthier, and Emotionally Balanced. My face and body are changing, becoming thinner and more symmetrical along with Ed."


 J. Nemor, Los Angeles  CA

Pediatric Alternating Hemiplegia

"His approaches to her physical therapies have allowed her to progress much more rapidly than most kids with AHC ( Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood). She is progressing so much more as a result of Cliff's hard work, research and dedication to her treatment. He goes beyond our expectations to educate us as parents and himself on possible methods to assist our daughter in her growth. We are forever grateful for his miracles."

Victor and Roxanne

Corporate Health

"Cliff is one of most talented people I know. He worked very hard completing all the requirements requested by United SFO for setting up the department, and it proved to be very successful for many years. He and his staff were able to return employees to work very quickly and I am sure saved the company a great deal of money."

R. Jensen, M.D., United Airlines Regional Flight Surgeon, Retired

Weight Loss

"Cliff is a masterful teacher of various healing modalities!  His knowledge and intuition is beyond comprehension!!   While he guided me, we witnessed an amazing healing within about 20 minutes! As we talked about my personal health and goals, he was able to tell me what was going on with my body. I was amazed at his intuitive quick assessment and hands-on treatment. I lost 3 lbs in the first week. I would highly recommend treatment or learning from him."

 Carrmon B. RN, LMT ( Myofascial Practitioner)   Austin, TX  

Teaching Applied Medical Traditions

"Cliff continues to carry and expand the knowledge of the ancient Healers. Anyone fortunate enough to be exposed either as a patient or student to the healing arts Cliff Matsuno employs are in for a life transforming experience."

John W. Feig PT/CEO Canyon Sports Therapy, Inc., Salt Lake City, Utah

"His system of evaluating and utilizing his specialized techniques are far beyond what's out there today. My family and I see him whenever it’s time to get tuned up."

R. D'Amato MD

"Cliff is the crème de le crème of healers. Having studied Chinese Medicine under my belt and two Master’s Degrees in my two professions, I can stand by my word, Mr. Matsuno is a true sage in what he knows about life in general and the pathologies that unfortunately may plague people in today’s culture.”

K. Barisdale, L.Ac and Biology/Health Teacher Los Angeles,  CA

"Clifton teaches a working relationship with the Universal Force in his Method. I can best describe his results as "Amazing" and going far beyond the expectations of modern medicine and other alternative techniques that are limited to a 3-dimensional approach to the treatment of physical and emotional imbalances."

E.P., MD Psychiatrist/Author of “Rise Above It”

"I have so much gratitude for the opportunity to observe Mr. Matsuno work with his wonderful patients.  He definitely encourages one to open their eyes to the intangible and experience what seems simple and intuitive, yet dives so much deeper. Thank you to the long line of teachers and their teachers that have passed on their knowledge and gifts of healing, including Mr. Matsuno."

T. Hahn,  MD

"I have referred challenging health participants who had chronic physical conditions that he has been able to help  recover.  His evaluations are thorough and he explores the connections between body, mind and emotions.  He assists clients to maintain their well-being through exercises, nutrition and mindful attitude.

I highly recommend his integrative physical therapy services."

David Y. Wong, M.D.

Integrative/Wellness Physician


"He has an amazing gift and talent for spotting things visually before even touching someone. He noticed something was up with my mom's brain function just by noticing some peculiarities that her MD just brushed aside as lack of sleep. It turns out that she had a double hematoma in her brain! She had surgery and is now back to normal.

Thank you, Cliff!"

K. Naruishi, Chiropractor

"When I broke my hand/finger tendon playing basketball, I was astonished at his immediate ability to look at my hand and “know”.  His vast knowledge of how the mechanics of the hand works, he even knew where the avulsion fracture was located. Cliff referred me to a hand surgeon who said if it he didn’t repair it, there would have been permanent deformations, pain and serious limitations." 

Kristie B.  Acupuncturist/Teacher

"If you have a health condition that you’ve had a hard time dealing with, or just something that seems to be “off”,  I strongly recommend Cliff. He’s helped me immensely with condition others couldn’t. 

I’m familiar with a lot of Medical and alternative practices so what Cliff does is not entirely new but I have never seen one practitioner that has such a broad range of
 modalities and such effective therapies.  Cliff has dedicated his life to helping
 others and he is continuously learning and expanding his skills. I always look forward 
to the tips and self-help articles in his newsletter."

Susan Negus

"I have been suffering from neck and shoulder pain for years, on and off and it gets
 triggered by various factors and I have visited endless experts and healers all over
 the world with no long-term result.


Cliff goes to the root of the problem and can see where I’m off before even touching me.
 He has been teaching me how to breath correctly, to sleep, to walk- basic things that 
I have been doing all wrong and its made a huge impact on my life. He has given me advice
 on which supplements to take, how to meditate and get into state to recharge and nourish
 my empty adrenals and he does the most epic adjustments and it feels like I’m 2 inches 
taller walking away from his clinic.

Cliff is an endless source of the most interesting knowledge and I can’t recommend him enough."

Nina Wiger

 "Cliff is an amazing practitioner who is accomplished in a wide variety of modalities.
 His practice is not one size fits taking the whole person into account. He has a deep
 understanding of how the mind, body connection works related to physical body issues, 
which create long lasting results. When I arrived, I was injured to the point that my 
life was on hold. My case was extremely complicated as I had multiple issues that had
 to be attended too. Cliff educated and worked with me unconditionally to get me to a
 place where I could go back to work, exercise, travel and lift normal everyday objects
 and return to my life. I trust him with my clients in tandem with the work I do with
 them. He has helped each and every one of them beyond expectation. I am so grateful 
to Cliff for his support and help and cannot recommend him enough."

 M.Y. / Hypnosis  & NLP practitioner

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